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Big changes can bring us back to what really matters, to the essentials.

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When I started meditation in an earnest way, I was little more than a teenager, having just turned 19. A burning inner drive exploded within me and enabled me to sustain the intense discipline that a serious meditative path requires. Throughout my life I have always tried to create bridges and dialogues between the modern sciences and the ancient sapiential traditions, and I never imagined that that way of life would later be validated by the latest scientific discoveries.

If we want to clean up the world, we have to start with our own hearts. Every kind thought, drop by drop, digs even the hardest of rocks, that of hatred.

TEDx speaker in Italy and abroad in two occasions

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Among the main projects

International Kindness Movement

A national, nondenominational, nonpartisan and apolitical collective movement. A positively contagious viral wave, spreading through time and space, involving people, organizations, businesses and institutions to spread the value of Kindness and transform it into concrete projects with high social impact.

International Day of Forgiveness

The International Day of Forgiveness has been awarded the Medal of the President of the Republic of Italy  in the 2017 and 2018 editions, the patronage of the UNHCR, the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, the Italian Red Cross, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Justice, the Lazio Region, and the Municipality of Rome Capital.

The Filo D’Oro - The Golden Thread

The Filo D’Oro (The Golden Thread) is the deepest and most comprehensive path created by Daniel Lumera that develops and works on 4 talents: meditative, transcendental, gnostic and devotional.

My Life Design Academy

The most comprehensive Awareness Academy (online) for transforming your values into everyday acts through a practical, cross-cutting methodology tailored just for you.


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