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Daniel Lumera, a wildlife biologist and research fellow in the sociology of cultural and communicative processes, is a lecturer and international reference in the area of wellness sciences, quality of life and the practice of meditation, which he studied and deepened with Anthony Elenjimittam, a direct disciple of Gandhi. Bestselling author of The Cure of Forgiveness (Mondadori, 2016), co-author of Twenty-one Days to Rebirth (Mondadori, 2018) and The Way of Lightness (Mondadori, 2019) and, together with Immaculata De Vivo, of Biology of Kindness (Mondadori, 2020), The Lesson of the Butterfly (Mondadori, 2021) and Inner Ecology (Mondadori, 2022). Creator of the My Life Design® method, the conscious design of one’s personal, professional, social life, a methodology applied internationally in public and private companies, the school system, prisons, health care institutions and in accompaniment to death. He is also the founder of the Voluntary Organization My Life Design, a third sector entity that declines the method in projects with high social impact, such as the International Day of Forgiveness, which in the last three editions has received the Medal of the President of the Italian Republic, and of the Movimento Italia Gentile (Kind Italy Movement) and its international expression, the International Kindness Movement, aimed at promoting the values of kindness, peace and cooperation at a global level.

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Premio Optimistas Comprometidos en Transformación Social | 2021

Science Wellness Award Giancarlo Dosi National Science Disclosure Award 2020 | Life and Health Sciences

Medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic for the International Day of Forgiveness | Years 2017, 2018, 2020

Founder of

An international method and the result of more than 20 years of research and experience, adopted in companies, universities, schools, seminars hospitals, prisons, in accompaniment to death and in the processing of grief and bereavement that has trained thousands of people on specific areas (doctors, professionals, teacher managers, students and anyone who wants to live in full awareness and responsibility) with a concrete impact on multiple levels. DISCOVER

Association My Life Design Odv

The action of My Life Design ONLUS was born from a deep desire for service and giving, from a pure heart that overflows and wants to give to others. The common intent is to create a space in which to reach the Being that inhabits each person, privileging those who are labeled as disadvantaged and excluded, to allow them to experience themselves.

Il Filo d’Oro (The Golden Thread) is the deepest and most comprehensive path created by Daniel Lumera that develops and works on 4 talents: meditative, transcendental, gnostic and devotional

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Among the main projects

At Pagliarelli the first meditation room in a prison was inaugurated

Meditation in a penitentiary institution today is no longer taboo: it is practiced in several facilities in Italy, but Pagliarelli Prison is the first to have created a real dedicated room, complete with a sign next to the door recognizing it as such.

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The Meditating Mind

The Meditating Mind | Art, Science and an Enlightened Mind The Meditating Mind is an experimental, cutting-edge project conceived by natural biologist Daniel Lumera, involving the Museum’s public and many guests, along with the research team of Professor Giacomo Rizzolatti, of the National Research Council (NRC) Institute of Neuroscience.

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International Kindness Movement

A national, nondenominational, nonpartisan and apolitical collective movement. A positively contagious viral wave, spreading through time and space involving people, organizations, businesses and institutions to spread the value of Kindness and transform it into concrete projects with high social impact.

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International Day of Forgiveness

The International Day of Forgiveness has been awarded the Medal of the President of the Republic of Italy in the 2017 and 2018 editions, the patronage of the UNHCR, the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, the Italian Red Cross, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Justice, the Lazio Region, and the Municipality of Rome Capital.

If we want to clean up the world let’s start with our heart.

Every kind thought, drop by drop, digs away even the hardest of rocks, that of hatred.

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