Daniel Lumera


A comprehensive method of forgiveness to improve leadership in teams, accomplishing a stress and conflict reduction in workplaces and promoting an ethic corporate management at the same time. For-giveness applied to well-being in work environment, to business life improvement and to new leader-ship skills, as well as social & life skills.
Forgiveness is part of a new form of education to awareness and happiness; an evolution strategy which is necessary for health, well-being and quality of life.
It is one of those personal and social skills necessary in a new form of education for all human beings, especially in the education of new leaders.
In the last few years the interest around forgiveness has increased enormously, spreading from spiritu-ality and psychotherapy to science and medicine.
In the past five years several scientific researches about forgiveness have been published, involving neuroscientific studies (this topic will be explained later on). This interest from the scientific community has marked forgiveness as a fundamental instrument for human health and quality of life, not limiting it to the mere psychological and spiritual spheres. A true “Science of Forgiveness” was born, and its so-cial and educational influences will get more and more significant in the future.
The process of forgiveness is a neuronal training that allows developing basic skills in personal, rela-tional and social life: such as transforming problems into opportunities, conflict management, develop-ing a mature form of empathy and a comprehensive view of peace.


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