Daniel Lumera

New Visions, New Leaders

From an evolutive perspective, the profound transformation in collective and individual consciousness that can be seen nowadays could be considered to be a survival strategy that humans are adopting in order to enter in a new evolutive paradigm. This revolution in consciousness could radically change the perceptions of ourselves, the others and reality. It represents a spontaneous immunization strategy against a society that is irresponsible, materialistic and competitive, based on individualism, anthropocentrism and the indiscriminate exploitation of nature and planet’s resources. The new consciousness is an antidote for humans who prefer personal gain rather than respect for all forms of life and their suffering. Cooperation, a new sense of responsibility, personal, collective and planetary well-being, coherence, attention to quality of life and nutrition, meditation, development of an ethical and humanitarian economy, new leadership based on consciousness and ethics, new spirituality and consciousness are just some of the concepts that, like antibodies, are gradually penetrating further into collective thought.
The business world is starting a great change in its values, in relation to the need of new evolutionary models, higher level of conscience and of a new way to perceive life and its role in it. First and foremost, every economic crisis is an important resource and opportunity to evolve and achieve a new level of realization. This context is bringing out a new generation of entrepreneurs. The key word of this new way of being an entrepreneur, capable of leading a profound personal, relational, economic and social transformation, is Consciousness.


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#DIREFARE Il 24 agosto 2016, nel buio di una notte profonda e interminabile, una scossa di magnitudo 6.0 distrugge paesi e comunità. Per 142 secondi, alle