Daniel Lumera

Ten teachings for all ages: an invitation from heart to heart, to kindness, to forgiveness…to Love.

A different way to be human.

Ten teachings for all ages. An evergreen decalogue.

An invitation from heart to heart, to kindness, to forgiveness…

…to Love.

from Daniel Lumera



1) First of all, violence originates within us

Hate feeds hate. Rage, more rage. Guilt, more guilt.

Wars, violence, genocide: all this is manifested because millions of individuals have fed hate first and foremost in themselves.

All over the world. Drop by drop. Day by day.

Each one of us has a personal responsibility in all this: in every moment, from our intimate feeling, we contribute to creating what we see on our planet.

We should choose. This choice contributes to everyone’s destiny.

If we want to clean up the world, let’s start with our hearts first.


2) Kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, empathy, inclusion, interconnection and interdependence are the female forces of the new millennium.

They modify our genes, make us live longer and are the evolutionary strategy to win against violence and competition.

They belong to those who really have value.

It is a femininity that goes beyond gender, present in both women and men. Natural medicine capable of curing the need for self-affirmation through competition, violence, the creation of an enemy to create belonging and consensus.

Through gentleness, the individualistic model, based on an increasingly selfish way of acting, can be brought down.

They create a sense of identity based on care and the value of reciprocity.



3) A new sense of responsibility

The root of what is happening in our lives lies in our intimate feeling.

The quality of our invisible inner world corresponds to the quality of the reality we live in.

From our most deeply rooted ideas, thoughts, beliefs and impressions, our emotions are born ; from our emotions, our choices and decisions; from our choices, our behaviour and customs; from our behaviour, our character; from our character, our destiny.

It is because of this that, by changing the intimacy of our feelings, we can change our destiny.


4) Beyond loneliness

If you feel loneliness, instead of rejecting it, instead of filling your life with objects, with people, so as not to feel it, try to sit down and listen.

Take it in. Breathe. You will discover that it is not loneliness.

It is nostalgia.

It is the memory of the moment when you abandoned yourself and lost yourself in things, in the world, in fears.

That loneliness is exactly that.

To explore it, to welcome it, to thank it, allows us to live the most powerful experience of union granted to the human being.


5) Blossom in the mud

A gentle thought, drop by drop, digs even the hardest of rocks, the one of hate. So let us not deprive ourselves of the satisfaction of responding with kindness to fear, to rudeness, to revenge, to abuse, to ignorance, to violence, to resentment.

In the intimacy of our feeling, we could start by being kind to ourselves.

Kindness everywhere. Even in silence. Among the notes of existence.

The seed of true kindness, like the lotus flower, has the power to grow and flourish even in the mud.

It would take so little…, a little wonder would be enough. To realize that we are surrounded by a constant miracle. To give ourselves time to be silent and to listen. To listen and to feel.

Grant us the privilege of finding free time to look at the sky. Kindness makes us breathe. Remember. That flowers still grow everywhere.

That we are together in this world.

Because there are distances that bring us closer and solitudes that unite us.


6) Great souls always choose love

It’s not so much what happens, but what you do with it, that makes the difference.

We can turn the most sublime love into possession and obsession, as well as the deepest pain, into an opportunity to mature the virtues of patience, humility, compassion, forgiveness and kindness.

It is not talents, charisma, beauty or power that reveal who we are intimately, but our choices.

Great souls always choose love.



7) The futility of lament

There is no point in complaining, looking for a culprit, creating an enemy to vent and fight against, criticizing, hating, getting angry.

Hate cannot be washed away with more hate, nor with anger or resentment.

If we want to eliminate violence from our lives, let us start with our thoughts and feelings.


When you neither see nor feel love in the world, it is because you are not giving love.

Distancing oneself from violence is a way of loving oneself.


8) Pain is retained love

We hold love in our hearts because we are afraid to let it go.

It is this that causes pain. We are afraid of the fact that we cannot control its immensity.

Of getting naked in front of life, freeing ourselves from the masks, the false demands, the needs that are not ours.

To find the courage to open our hands and let go of everything, finally relieving our hearts of all those accumulated and retained burdens and pains.

Naked as when we were born. Pure. Present and awake in the midst of the miracle of life.



9) Courage and fear

We are only afraid. Afraid of finding ourselves infinite, beyond ourselves, without recognizing ourselves.

It will be through love that you will shape your being until you surrender.

No conditions.

Docile as a lamb. Humble as a blade of grass.

At that moment, you will be ready to realize that you yourself are the path you walk along.

You will be ready because you will have given everything of yourself.

Even extreme pain and the last drop of love.

You will release the love you hold in your heart… you will become the love you seek.



10) The power of forgiveness: from anger to gratitude

Let’s put an end to a cliché: forgiveness is not the same as suffering without reacting, nor is it the same as forgetting or justifying.

Instead, it means acting from a condition of conscience, balance and love.

Freeing the past from pain in order to be fully aware of the present.

When you truly forgive, even yourself, it is no longer anger, rage, frustration and ignorance that motivate us.

If forgiveness is genuine, words and actions will only express determination, clarity and understanding.

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